Commercial brokerage

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Take advantage of our combined 50 years' experience leasing office medical buildings, representing medical and dental groups, individual practices and consulting with hospitals and learn how our expertise will solve your location and occupancy cost concerns.


“Richard is an outstanding commercial real estate broker and I will never use anyone else. He helped me successfully negotiate two new locations through many challenges and obstacles. His determination and expertise were the only reason these locations were successfully obtained. In addition, he helped me negotiate a lease where he had no financial interest in the matter.”

- Rob Owen - Franchisee Business Owner, Bellevue, Washington

When do you need our services?

  • Your practice needs a strategy to optimize its space needs and minimize its rent and other occupancy charges
  • You are trying to reduce your expenses
  • You are not satisfied with your current space and location

Why should you use our services?

Together with Brian Dougherty we are experienced commercial brokers with a combined fifty year experience leasing medical office buildings, representing medical and dental groups, individual practices and consulting with hospitals. We have teamed together to leverage our combined knowledge, experiences and expertise to work with medical and dental groups and practices to assist them in developing a strategic plan to ensure that their real estate needs and occupancy costs are aligned with the long term objectives of their practice. We understand the evolving evolution in health care delivery and its impact on medical and dental professionals and group practices. We have market knowledge of medical office sub markets in the greater Seattle area and we work with experienced brokers in other areas.

What will you receive?

  • We will develop a long term real estate strategic plans consistent with the groups strategic plan
  • We will evaluate and explore opportunities to reduce real estate expenses including rental and occupancy charges
  • We will skillfully negotiate lease renewals
  • We will search for the best locations consistent with your group’s long term strategy
  • We will conduct market surveys to optimize rental terms, concessions and lease negotiations
  • We will skillfully negotiate new leases
  • We will also consult with landlords and developers for the marketing, leasing and management of medical office buildings

Brian and I are active partners of the Washington State Medical Group Managers Association. We attended the Association’s annual Northwest conference. We have written articles for the Association’s publication on renewing leases and insider’s tips to negotiate leases. I teach lease negotiations for the Commercial Brokers Association and the University of Washington.

We wrote leading edge articles published in the Journal of Property Management and Scotsman Guide, a national commercial mortgage brokers publication, on how changes in health care delivery will affect medical office buildings.

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