Take advantage of my vast knowledge, expertise and experience developing and operating real estate companies and marketing, leasing and managing commercial properties and mixed use developments to enhance the value of your real estate company and properties.
As a consultant I work with commercial real estate companies to reorganize for efficiencies, evaluate staffing and leadership transitions and develop operational plans to effectively develop, operate, market and lease properties and increase their cash flow and enhance values.


“We hired Richard Muhlebach to evaluate and provide recommendations for the operations of our commercial property management and brokerage company, benchmark our compensation program to industry standards and recommend a leadership transition plan. His report addressed all our concerns in a concise, through and professional manner."

- Dave Pfeifer - Vice President, Real Estate CIRI and Chairman of the Board PTP Management Anchorage, Alaska

When do you need my consulting services?

You need my consulting services when:

  • your property management and leasing company is not meeting your expectations and financial returns;
  • you want to create a property management and leasing company to support your real estate activities or manage your properties;
  • you have commercial properties or mixed use developments that are underperforming;
  • you have a leasing problem that is robbing cash flow and value from your property.

Why should you use my services?

I have over 40 years experience serving as the CEO of property management and brokerage companies and departments of major developers. I started a commercial property management and brokerage company, operated it for 19 consecutive profitable years and sold it to a national public real estate company.

I developed and implemented the business and marketing and leasing plan for mixed use developments, shopping centers, enclosed malls, office buildings, medical office buildings, and apartments.

Who trusted me – selected consulting assignments

Mall in Fairbanks, Alaska

Assignment: The mall was acquired by an investment group in California with no experience operating in Alaska. I, with many years experience operating properties in Alaska, was hired to create a management program for the mall. I interviewed and recommended the mall’s new management staff, developed the mall’s operating policies and procedures and supervised the operations of the mall. The consulting assignment was for six months and the investment group continued the assignment for two years.

Commercial Property Management and Brokerage Company, Alaska

Assignment: Evaluate and recommend procedures to improve the operations of a property management and brokerage company, evaluate and make recommendations for a leadership transition plan, evaluate the performance of the property managers, benchmark salaries to industry standards and recommend an incentive compensation program.

Commercial Property Developer, Southern California

Assignment: Assist a commercial developer in creating an in-house property management division. I provided operating policies and procedures, recommended a monthly reporting format, an annual business plan, a maintenance management program, emergency procedures and a tenant retention program.

Mixed-Use Development, Washington

Assignment: Develop the in-house management program for a developer’s mixed use development. Provide policies and procedures, budgeting and reporting format, tenant retention program and mentored the management staff.

Mall Developer, Alaska

Assignment: Assist the developer with developing policies and procedures for the daily operations, management and leasing of a community enclosed mall.